2015 State of the Region Survey of Opinion Leaders in the Asia-Pacific

本會於2015年10月接受「Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC)」就有關亞太區經濟的調查, 報告巳於2015年12月發出, 詳情如下:

The report can be viewed and downloaded from the PECC website at: http://www.pecc.org/research/state-of-the-region

A total of 710 opinion-leaders from 28 economies including all 21 APEC members responded to this year’s survey.

Some of the key findings of the survey are:

Economic Outlook

39% of respondents expect weaker growth for the global economy over the next 12 months
62% expect weaker growth for China over the next 12 months
61% expect stronger growth for the US over the next 12 months
Top 5 Risks to Growth

A slowdown in the Chinese economy
Failure to implement structural reforms
Lack of political leadership
A slowdown in the US economy
Lack of adequate infrastructure
Top 5 Priorities for APEC leaders

Progress towards the Bogor Goals and the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific
The APEC growth strategy
SME participation in Regional and Global Markets
Climate change cooperation and disaster resilience

The report was launched at a press conference in Manila during the APEC Leaders’ Week on 16th November 2015. A compiled list of news reports is accessible on PECC website: https://www.pecc.org/media/newsclippings


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